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Fees and Process

Fees, Pawsitive PetMatch™, and Process



Cat adoption fees range from $65 to $105. Dog adoption fees range from $65 to $350 (plus an additional $9.50 for any applicable Jefferson County licensing fees), with the average fee being $145.

All Adoption Fees Include:

  • 24petwatch webSpaying/neutering
  • Microchipping, plus 24PetWatch microchip registration
  • Up-to-date vaccinations
  • FREE month of 24PetWatch pet insurance (optional registration)
  • More than $125 in KHS gift certificates (for behavior training, pet boarding, doggie daycare, adoptions and more!)
  • $100 Feeders Supply coupon book
  • A great new furry companion!
Legacy Pets

Pets with higher adoption fees (typically dogs or cats that are highly desireable breeds) are called Legacy Pets. These pets leave a financial legacy for those animals who may need extensive medical care or just more time to find a loving home.


Pawsitive PetMatch™


Are you looking for a jogging partner or a companion to snuggle with by the fire? Whether you want a high-energy friend who is always on the go or a mellow buddy to snooze with you on the couch, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) makes it easier to find your perfect match. That’s where Pawsitive PetMatch™ comes in.

Pawsitive PetMatch™ is designed to help adopters find compatible canines for their individual lifestyles. This pet matchmaking program is designed to ensure more canines are placed, and remain, in permanent, loving homes.

Through the program, KHS evaluates dogs five months and older by gathering information on the pet's history, as well as via staff observations and a comprehensive behavior assessment to determine their sociability, playfulness, energy level and suitability with children, among other qualities.

Through Pawsitive PetMatch™ KHS educates adopters about looking beyond a playful expression or an animal’s size to select a pet based on lifestyle compatibility; so more dogs and people, alike, find a lifelong friend.

By taking a quick survey prior to entering the KHS adoption center, potential adopters learn which type of dog is the best match for their family, lifestyle and expectations of a new canine companion. With a Pawsitive PetMatch™ pass and KHS staff available for questions, individuals can better select a compatible furry friend.

Come find your perfect match today! 

Questions about Pawsitive PetMatch™? Call (502) 366-3355 today!


We Can Hold an Animal for You!

We’re happy to place a 24-hour hold on a cat or dog you’re interested in with a $25 hold fee, paid by credit card, cash or check. If you decide to adopt that pet, the $25 will be applied directly to his/her adoption fee. If you choose not to adopt, we kindly thank you for your $25 donation to KHS!

It's often possible to adopt your new best friend on the spot! Here is how our adoption process works…

  • First, you’ll complete our Pawsitive PetMatch™ survey. An adoption counselor will review the survey with you to help you find a good match for your family, lifestyle and expectations.
  • Feel free to ask questions you may have about pet breeds, caring for a pet or whatever you’d like! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to offer advice and answer your questions.
  • Once you visit with our adoptable pets and select the one for you and your family, you’ll begin the adoption paperwork, as well as pay the adoption fee and any other applicable fees. At this time, you’ll also learn about other KHS services that will help create a lasting bond between you and your new pet.
  • Take home your new best friend!
  • The whole process can often take as little as an hour.


Want to complete an adoption application now?

Download a cat adoption application.
Download a dog adoption application
*Bring completed application with you or fax to (502) 366-3653.