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Enter Your Pet in Our Calendar Contest

Make Your Pet a Pin Up in the 2014 KHS Pet Calendar-- Call for Entries Has Ended

Pet calendar contestCongratulations to our 2013 Pet Calendar cover stars, Lacey and Noelle (seen at left), along with all of the other gorgeous pets who made it into our 2013 calendar!

Do you have a great photo of your favorite feline or precious pooch? Or a furry friend who missed his or her calling as a super "ani-model"? Don't miss this chance to guarantee your favorite animal friend a spot in the sought-after annual Kentucky Humane Society Pet Calendar!


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The Rules

You can enter this contest by submitting a digital or hardcopy photo. All entries must be in color, with a horizontal layout and contain ONLY animals.

For digital photos, we require well-focused, sharp images that are at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) and in JPEG (JPG) or TIFF format.

Hardcopy photos should be no smaller than 4"x6" photographs. We do not accept Polaroid photos or copyrighted-professional photographs. Photos cannot be returned. For clarity and quality photo reproduction, please do not stamp or write on the back of photos.

All entries that meet these requirements and are postmarked or emailed by August 31, 2013, will be included in the 2014 Pet Calendar. Winners will be notified by phone or email, and the calendar will be avaialble in November 2013. 

All entries will be blind judged by KHS, with the top 11 photos featured as "Pets of the Month" and 12 runners-up included in smaller photos within the calendar portion of each month's page. All other photos will be included in the calendar as part of the Lifelong Friends Collage.

Questions about our calendar or the contest? Call (502) 515-3152 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Tips for Photographing Your Pet

Location and Background

  • Look for a location where your pet will be relaxed and natural.
  • Photograph your pet against a color that contrasts with his/her coat.

It's in the Eyes

  • Focus on your pet's eyes, as the eyes will convey your pet's personality the best.
  • Avoid shooting in low light situations where flash is required and your pet's eyes are likely to glow.

Black and White Coats

  • When working with dark animals, make adjustments to properly expose the image.
  • When photographing animals with very light coats, make sure the lighting is not too bright.

Patience is a Virtue

  • Don't get frustrated. Stay relaxed and have fun, and your pet will too!
  • Enlist a helper or squeak toys to get your pet to look toward the camera.