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Friday, 23 October 2015 16:43

Senior Dog Almost Blinded by Infection

Meet Charlie, a sweet and loving senior dog in need of help. Charlie was transferred to the Kentucky Humane Society from another shelter. He was in in desperate need of medical treatment. Charlie arrived so matted that it was at first unclear whether or not he had eyes. Once shaved, we found that he did have eyes, but they were terribly infected. He has painful, open sores on his face and will require medical care for some time to help heal these wounds.

While the wounds are bothersome, Charlie is a real trooper and is eating well. He loves to be pet and held and happily falls asleep in our laps.

Update, November 2, 2015

charlie-afterCharlie's eyes and face are much improved! He continues to heal and show us the jaunty little dog that he is. Charlie has more of a bounce in his step as he goes about his days now. His foster mom says that he is a real trooper when she applies the salve that is helping heal his infected face and eyes, and we can see an amazing difference in his eyes since treatment began. Thank you for all the thoughts and well-wishes, and for the donations, which help us care for pets like Charlie who need our help so very much.

As heartbreaking as this photo is, we are grateful Charlie came to us. Here, he will receive lifesaving medical and behavioral help thanks to donors like you.

If you wish to help our animals, please give online at If you prefer to mail your gift, mail to: Development Office, Kentucky Humane Society, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville KY 40222.

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