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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 13:44

From Trash to Treasure

It was an early morning in February with 9-degree wind chill. Gregory Curry was making his rounds as a driver for Rumpke Waste & Recycling.

On National Turnpike in South Louisville, he noticed something unusual. A light-blue plastic bin was flipped on its side. The bin was without a lid, but someone had pushed it up against the side of the dumpster. Inside the bin, Gregory saw something fuzzy. His first thought was that the bin was full of stuffed toys.

Puppies Saved From Freezing by Local Hero


And then he heard a whimper.

What he saw next shocked him to the core: inside the bin were four puppies. Two were shivering and crying. Two more, sadly, were dead.  

“The top of the bin was up against the dumpster, so there was no way the puppies could have escaped. There was no food, no water. They had been left there to freeze to death,” he said. “Who would do something like that?”

The puppies were soaking wet from urine, very cold and hungry. Gregory had worked as an emergency medical technician in the past, and he knew these two puppies would have been dead within the hour without his help.

Gregory placed the two puppies in the cab of his truck. He drove to a 24-hour gas station on his route and asked the clerk for a box to place the puppies in. A patron at the gas station donated his jacket to keep them warm.

“I knew they had to be warmed up slowly after being so cold,” said Gregory.

The puppies were also dehydrated, so he offered them a little water. Given his medical training, he knew not to give them food right away. With Gregory’s care, the puppies began to revive.

But what to do with two needy puppies? Gregory knew he couldn’t keep them. Around 5 a.m., he drove over to the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, but the campus was closed. He noted the hours and went back to his route. The puppies remained in his cab.

When our Admissions Department opened a few hours later, Gregory returned with the puppies. Our team rushed them back to Veterinary Services to be examined.

“When Gregory brought them in, the puppies were absolutely filthy,” said Robin Vincent, KHS Shelter Operations Director.  “They were covered in urine and were very, very cold, but they were in pretty good health besides that. We gave them baths, gave them their medical checkups, dewormed them, and gave them their first vaccinations.”

After the puppies were warm and comfortable, the KHS team alerted the authorities so they could investigate this heartless act. Louisville Metro Animal Services found the plastic bin with the deceased puppies. They checked with local businesses; unfortunately, there were no video cameras or witnesses, so the officers had little information to go on. Local media also asked witnesses to come forward with information, but no one did.

“Gregory Curry is a true hero for animals,” said Robin. “He’s also a great reminder that we can all make a difference for companion animals, whether that is saving them like Gregory did, or adopting, sponsoring an animal, donating or volunteering – all of us can do something to help.”

KHS staff named the little brown puppy Gregory in honor of the man who saved them. The little black puppy was named Samson. After a week in care, the puppies were ready for adoption.

Given the tremendous interest in the puppies, KHS decided to hold a lottery for their adoption; families interested in adopting submitted applications. Two families were then randomly selected from the qualified adopters.

Gregory was adopted by Jason and Michelle Kennedy; he lives with two other dogs and the Kennedys’ 15-year-old son. Samson was adopted by Alex and Megan Carbello of Louisville.

“We were so amazed by the number of people who came forward wanting to adopt. But we reminded them that every day, the Kentucky Humane Society has wonderful dogs, cats, puppies and kittens looking for loving homes. Each of the animals in our care has his or her own story, and each deserves a happy ending,” said Robin.

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