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Friday, 08 July 2016 10:35

Bravo Finds a Home

Bravo, a three-month-old Hound/Retriever mix, is a sweet and happy boy who came to the Kentucky Humane Society looking for a forever home. When he first arrived at KHS, Bravo appeared like any normal, healthy puppy. He ate, he played, he wanted to be held and loved. It wasn’t until the morning of his neuter surgery that we discovered something was very wrong.

Before Bravo could be sedated for the procedure, he was found in his cage pacing in circles looking very distressed. We knew time was of the essence and sent Bravo to an offsite veterinarian where it was discovered that Bravo had a liver shunt that veterinarians said could not be corrected with surgery.

Because of this liver shunt, Bravo's lifespan will be greatly reduced and he will be on special, low-protein food the rest of his life. We didn't know if anyone would open their home and heart to Bravo with this poor prognosis, but we wanted to give the three-month-old dog a chance at life. We decided to put him up for adoption and waited for a miracle.

As fate would have it, we didn't need to wait for long. The day after he was put on the adoption floor, Heather and her children came to KHS looking for a companion for their dog they adopted just one year earlier. Upon entering the Main Campus Puppy Room, they instantly fell in love with Bravo.

We sat the family down and told them Bravo’s story and his prognosis. An adoption counselor who lost a kitten from a liver shunt talked about the condition and what Bravo's care would entail if they were to adopt him. Most importantly, we told them that Bravo would not be around a long time.

As it turned out, Bravo had found the best possible family imaginable. Heather did not hesitate. As a hospice care worker, Heather and her family understand that loss is a part of life. Together they unanimously decided that Bravo needed to come home with them, to get all the love and companionship possible in his short life.

We thank you, Heather and family, for the kindness and compassion you have offered Bravo. We couldn’t have asked for a better family to adopt Bravo and are so grateful you chose adoption.

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