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Monday, 22 August 2016 14:17

KHS Takes in 19 Animals Rescued by Animal Rescue Corps

On Sunday, Aug. 21, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) took in 19 animals who were rescued by Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) from a puppy mill in their Operation Dogs Day of Summer.

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KHS is caring for 8 kittens, 2 Chihuahuas, 3 hound puppies, a chocolate Labrador Retriever mix, a hound mix, and 4 adult cats, including a Himalayan and a British shorthair. The animals are undergoing medical and behavioral assessment. At least two of the dogs are suspected to have demodectic mange and one dog is heartworm positive. The kittens are all recovering from severe upper respiratory and eye infections.

KHS is a placement partner for ARC and assists by taking in animals ARC saves from neglect and abuse and then preparing them for loving homes.

“We believe that some of the animals may be ready for adoption as soon as this week, while others may need weeks in foster care to recover from severe neglect,” said Andrea Blair, KHS spokesperson.

According to ARC, the rescue began when ARC received a tip and opened an investigation. After purchasing a dog that showed obvious signs of neglect from a northern Mississippi puppy mill, they took the dog to a state-licensed veterinarian who confirmed the dog’s condition indicated clear violations of cruelty codes. ARC took that documentation to the Tate County Sheriff’s Department who secured a search warrant.

On Aug. 10, ARC assisted the Tate County Sherriff’s Department and Animal Control in safely removing 170 animals from the Senatobia, MS, property. Approximately 100 dogs, 12 cats, 1 donkey, 50 chickens, 2 turkeys, 3 parrots and 6 rabbits were found on the property without adequate food, water or shelter. They were running loose around the overgrown property, held in dilapidated pens strewn throughout, and in filthy conditions inside barn rooms, the property owners’ house and an abandoned country store on an adjacent property.

13882623 1288707377829248 6146594141848074248 nAccording to ARC, the animals were all extremely dirty and suffering from heavy infestations of internal and external parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms. Many adults and puppies were suffering from hair loss and anemia as a result of their heavy flea and tick infestations. Some of the animals were emaciated and suffering from malnutrition, at least one puppy was in critical condition, and all of the cats had upper respiratory and eye infections.

The remains of several animals were also found around the property.

“These animals have endured extreme suffering for a very, very long time,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley on the day of the rescue. “These animals didn’t have a minute to spare. They were not surviving here, they were dying here. But all of that ends today and we won’t leave this place without taking every animal with us to our emergency shelter.”

ARC transported the animals to the emergency shelter set up in Hernando, MS, about 20 minutes south of Memphis, TN. Each animal received a thorough veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatments; as well as daily care, exercise and socialization.

Animal Rescue Corp Starting on Aug. 19, the animals began moving to ARC’s placement partners in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida and Virginia to start their journey to adoption.

“Without progressive partners like these who understand the power of groups networking together, we couldn’t do what we do,” said Animal Rescue Corps President Scotlund Haisley. “These partners are as critical to these operations as the boots on the ground getting the animals out of harm’s way.”

KHS is Kentucky’s largest pet adoption and no-kill animal shelter, finding homes for more than 6,000 dogs, cats and horses a year. KHS helps animals in Jefferson County and throughout the state, as well as animals in crisis throughout the region.

For more information about Animal Rescue Corps, visit www.animalrescuecorps.org.


How to Help

Donations are gratefully accepted at www.kyhumane.org/donate. If you prefer to mail a check, the address is Kentucky Humane Society, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville KY 40222. 

We are also in need of foster homes for the many animals under our care. Contact [email protected] or visit www.kyhumane.org/foster-pets



Footage provided by Animal Rescue Corps:

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