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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 14:10

Tulip's First Walk

Ten-year-old Tulip came to the Kentucky Humane Society as a stray in early October. Upon arriving, it was quickly discovered that Tulip was unable to use her hind legs.

Seeing no obvious signs of trauma, we sent Tulip to a local veterinary hospital where they did additional testing and found that the poor senior was paralyzed from the waist down. Luckily for Tulip, a kind stranger had donated a wheelchair specially made for dogs! While the wheelchair was too big, Tulip was determined to make the best of it. With the Kentucky Humane Society staff cheering her on, Tulip took to the chair immediately.

We discovered when Tulip had the opportunity to walk again that she still has bladder control and is potty trained. This is yet another reason a proper-fitting wheelchair is important. It will give Tulip a far better chance of finding a home and living a happy life.

We want Tulip to have the best life possible. To do that, she needs a smaller wheelchair. Can you help?

We need your help to give Tulip and other animals like her the care and equipment necessary for them to live happy, healthy lives. Your donation can help a dog like Tulip find joy and a road to a forever family.

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