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Friday, 17 February 2017 14:34

Puppy Left to Drown Gets a Second Chance

If there was ever a dog who was has overcome tremendous odds, it’s eight-month-old Bo Bo. When Bo Bo was just a five-month-old puppy, his family moved away and abandoned him in a locked crate inside their rental house. Shortly after being left behind, the rental house began to flood from the sump pump. The terrified puppy was trapped inside his crate while the water began to rise around him. Bo Bo was left to drown in filthy water, with no food, fresh water or signs of hope.

As fate would have it, two kind women worked near Bo Bo’s home and knew the landlord. The women had seen the family leave days prior, so when they heard barking coming from inside the house, they knew something was wrong. They contacted the landlord and the three went together to make sure everything was okay. When they came into the home, they were horrified to find Bo Bo locked in the cage surrounded by water and feces. They acted quickly and removed Bo Bo from his cage only to discover that Bo Bo was also suffering from a badly broken leg.

Bo Bo was in poor condition, but he was alive, and to his finders that was all that mattered. They took Bo Bo in, groomed him and removed all the filth from his wounds. Next they brought him to a veterinarian who confirmed Bo Bo had a broken leg as well as some minor injuries from being trapped in the flood. The women took care of sweet Bo Bo until his leg was healed. Eight weeks later they brought him to the Kentucky Humane Society to help him find a loving forever home.

Today Bo Bo looks very different from the malnourished puppy who was left to drown by the family he loved. With the help of his caretakers, he has reached a healthy weight of 55 pounds and continues to heal, mentally and physically, every day. This sweet, loving dog is now up for adoption.

It’s stories like Bo Bo’s that remind us that not everyone loves animals as much as we do. To some people, animals are an inconvenience that can be thrown out like trash, or creatures to be abused and abandoned.

But for every person who mistreats an animal, there are hundreds more like Bo Bo’s finders. Loving, caring people who refuse to turn a blind eye to an animal in need. People like our supporters. And that’s what helps our staff keep going, day after day, when sometimes all we see are the ugly side of humans. We remember you. Thank you for giving us hope, and for giving our animals like Bo Bo hope. We appreciate you more than you could know.

The Kentucky Humane Society is a nonprofit organization and does not receive government funds. We rely on donations to care for needy animals like Bo Bo. Donations are gratefully accepted at www.kyhumane.org/donate or via mail at Kentucky Humane Society, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville KY 40222.

Thank you for caring about animals. And thank you for supporting us.

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