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Wednesday, 01 March 2017 08:55

Now Open: Healthy Pets Clinic provides low-cost veterinary care

The Kentucky Humane Society's Healthy Pets Clinic opened March 1 at our renovated Sam Swope TLC, 241 Steedly Drive in south Louisville. The Kentucky Humane Society wants to ensure that every pet owner in our community has access to basic veterinary care for dogs and cats they can afford. This is important not only to help keep owned pets healthy, but to ensure there are fewer sick animals in our community and in local shelters.

So often, owners are faced with the difficult choice of surrendering their animals to shelters simply because they cannot afford preventative veterinary care. The Healthy Pets Program will help owners keep their beloved pets by providing affordable vaccinations and preventative care—with the goal of helping keep pets healthy and out of shelters.

The S.N.I.P. Clinic’s Healthy Pets Clinic offers affordable vaccines, basic preventatives, treatment of minor illnesses and full-service diagnostics.  If a pet exhibits the need for additional care, the Healthy Pets Clinic staff will provide a list of veterinarians in the owners’ area based on zip code and will recommend they seek additional help for their pet.

For questions about the Healthy Pets Clinic, email [email protected].

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