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Monday, 10 April 2017 15:47

Dog Bounces Back After Difficult Surgery

Giant Bladder Stone Can't Crush Dog's Spirit.

davisblogEight-year-old Davis came to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) after he was transferred from an overcrowded shelter where his future was grim. Upon arriving, it was clear that Davis needed our help and quick.

The poor Schnauzer’s coat was matted so badly you couldn’t see his eyes, he was drenched with urine and he appeared to be in an excruciating amount of pain.

Davis was immediately taken to the KHS veterinarian, Dr. Emily Bewley, who began searching for the root of Davis’ pain. Palpation of his bladder revealed something hard distending his bladder. While we weren’t certain how many, it was quickly determined that Davis was suffering from bladder stones.

The poor senior was taken to surgery where our team discovered that Davis’ problem wasn’t an abundance of stones, but one huge stone that was larger than a golf ball. Due to the sheer size of the bladder stone, Davis’ surgery was going to be more complicated than expected.

“The incision needed to be much larger than expected once we realized that Davis had only one large stone we needed to remove,” explains Dr. Emily Bewley, KHS shelter veterinarian.

As difficult as the surgery was on the poor dog, Davis was obviously relieved to have the obstructing stone removed. He rewarded our veterinary team with kisses and a wagging tail. Davis is now in foster care to allow his incision and bladder to heal away from the stresses of the shelter.

Would you like to help pets like Davis? Please donate to the Kentucky Humane Society and help us save animals who have suffered and lost homes, but not hope. Your donations can save the lives of ailing pets who need our help.

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