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Volunteer Profile: Sheri Nichols

23 December 2013

Sheri Nichols has been volunteering since July 213, and she volunteers in a variety of areas, from K9 Coach, to Pet Photography, from Puppy Pals to Fostering. When asked why she chose all these areas, Sheri confessed, "I wanted to help where I was needed most, so I decided to do all of the orientation classes."

In addition to her fostering duties, which are seven days a week, Sheri volunteers in the early evening Monday through Saturday. Sheri says she had wanted to volunteer to help dogs and cats for a while and took the opportunity to do so when she started her own business and had more flexible hours.

Sheri feels volunteering at the Kentucky Humane Society has been more than worthwhile. She explains, "I have met so many good people, people who love animals as much as I do. These shelter dogs and cats absolutely make my day! Everyone always says 'I wish I could take them all.' I feel the same, but in reality know I can't. It feels good knowing I can contribute and make their stay at the shelter better. Seeing their faces light up when they get out of the kennel for a walk melts my heart. KHS has become a part of my everyday routine, a part I never want to be without."

Thank you so much, Sheri, for your devotion to our shelter pets.

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