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Thursday, 22 June 2017 14:08

Puppy Fights for His Life

Four-month-old Stanley is a sweet Havanese mix who came to the Kentucky Humane Society suffering from Puppy Strangles. Puppy Strangles, also referred to as Juvenile Cellulitis, is a condition that can occur in puppies between the ages of 3 weeks and 4 months old.

Puppy Strangles causes the puppy’s immune system to attack itself, leading to pustules in the face and causing the lymph nodes to swell if left untreated. Since the puppy’s immune system is attacking itself, treatment in dogs involves aggressive immunosuppression. Since a puppy with strangles already has a compromised immune system, the pustules and lesions on the puppy’s face leave him at an increased risk of developing infections.

We are doing all we can for Stanley, but time is of the essence. Stanley will be sent to foster home ASAP where he will be less exposed to illness while recovering from this deadly illness. Right now, his prognosis is unknown but Stanley is proving to be a fighter and we are hopeful he’ll recover.

HOW TO HELP: Donations in honor of Stanley are very much appreciated. KHS is a private nonprofit and relies on donations to care for needy animals like Stanley. Donate online at kyhumane.org/online-donations.


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