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Monday, 14 August 2017 16:41

Brink of Starvation

Dog Beats Odds, Comes Back Strong

He was curled up next to the spare tire in the trunk. The person dropping him off did not want to dirty his car by allowing this dog the space and dignity of a drive inside the car. We rushed the emaciated Boxer mix into our veterinary office and examined him. Chief, a dog who should have been 60 pounds, came to the Kentucky Humane Society weighing only 31 pounds. Our veterinarian wondered aloud how he had survived this long. He was days, perhaps hours, away from death.

The pressure sores on his body told of a life in a small crate. His legs trembled as he tried to stand and walk. We acted quickly to provide him with the fluids and nutrition he could handle.

Small Strides

The first days were critical. Chief’s body had to learn to take in and use nutrients again. We fed him puppy chow and the occasional treat. He slowly gained strength and could stand again on his own.

Within a few days of our rescue, Chief was wagging his tail and play bowing. His absolute delight in being near people made his earlier treatment all the more difficult to comprehend.

You see, Chief’s sores and starvation were not the result of his living on his own. Someone kept this dog without food. Someone cared so little for a life that they would let this animal starve. It was amazing that he was surrendered to us when he was. Had that not happened, he would be dead today.

A People-Pleaser

As Chief regained his strength, his personality bloomed. He enjoyed training. He loved to nap. More than anything, he loved being with people.

Less than a week after Chief came in, he was ready to go into a foster home. He needed time to regain his strength and get to a healthy weight before he could find his forever home.

Fostering Health

That’s where KHS Development Director Alisa Gray and her husband, Josh, came in. Alisa took Chief home where he got along beautifully with their dog, Gurlie. In the little over a month that Alisa had Chief, he went from 31 pounds to 55, still thin, but much healthier. Chief spent his days playing with Gurlie, napping on pillows and waiting for Alisa to come through the door.

“My favorite thing was his dance when I came home. He danced with joy. It reminded me of a rabbit. You couldn’t help but laugh,” says Alisa.

Chief is a wonderful dog, and he has recently found a forever home with Amanda Miller. Amanda’s daughter read Chief’s story and knew that he needed to be part of the family.

“We were moved by what Chief had gone through. We had adopted another dog the year before and realized that the two of them would be a great match,“ says Amanda.

“Chief loves to run outside and play, and he loves to settle in with the kids, ages 9, 12 and 18. He’s a great dog,” she smiles.

Chief found his happily ever after, but he wouldn’t have had that chance without the love and resources provided by our supporters. He’s a happy, healthy boy because of you. Thank you.

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