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Thursday, 30 November 2017 09:22

Betty Boop's Long Journey

In August of this year, Hurricane Harvey devastated the state of Texas and left many animals in dire need of help. A small, dedicated team of staff members from the Kentucky Humane Society had the privilege of helping for nine days with the local shelters in Houston after the storm. During that time, KHS's team of four cared for the displaced animals and people by transporting pets and goods, feeding wildlife, cleaning and socializing. They fell in love with all of the pets they saw but one special dog stuck out in their minds- Betty Boop.

blogbettykissalisaAfter living a life of neglect, four-year-old Betty Boop had been left to fend for herself during the frightening Hurricane Harvey. Poor Betty Boop was missing an ear, had scars all over her body and showed evidence of being used as a bait dog in the past. The KHS staff knew they had to show her that there was more out there- LOVE.

collageBetty Boop was so special to the entire KHS Rescue Team that they inquired on how they could help her and possibly bring her back to Kentucky with them. There was some complications along the way but after three small plane flights with amazing volunteer pilots from Pilots n' Pawz, Betty Boop made it to Louisville!

Alisa, one of the KHS staff members in Texas, decided that Betty Boop would come home with her as her foster dog. After years of neglect, being in a home took Betty Boop some getting used to. She was scared of the hardwood floors but found safety in beds and rugs around the house. Luckily for Betty Boop, Alisa’s resident dog Gurlie showed her how to be a beloved member of a family.

Betty Boop has come so far from the scared dog she was and is now looking for a loving, permeant home to continue her journey. In her foster home, Betty is very much a cuddlier! She is potty trained, very intelligent and working on clicker training with her foster family. She has one dog friend but does not love all animals, especially smaller pets. She would do best in a home where she can be spoiled as the only pet. Betty Boop has never met a person she has not wanted to smooch or hang out with. Her favorite hobby is sleeping and she is great on a leash and is very laid back.


Betty Boop has been adopted! We are grateful to everyone who shared her story and to our funders, including PEDIGREE Foundation, which made Betty's rescue possible. 


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