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Monday, 22 January 2018 10:25

Become a 2018 Member and Save Lives!

Our animals need YOU! Become a 2018 member of the Kentucky Humane Society with your donation. 

Dear Friend of the Animals,

I'm writing to invite you to become a 2018 member of the Kentucky Humane Society with your gift.

Your support provides healthy food, lifesaving medical care, a safe place to rest their heads and tons of unconditional love. Then, we find them new families who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. We couldn’t make this happen without you.

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Your membership gift will help us do more than we otherwise could. Snooki and Benji came to the Kentucky Humane Society in terrible shape. They had been abandoned in a rusty cage on the side of a road. It was clear they had been neglected for years. It was also clear that shy little Benji deeply loved Snooki and depended on her. Wherever Snooki went, Benji followed. 

We were committed to finding them a home where they could remain together. They were, after all, best friends.

Our veterinary team gave them lifesaving medical care. Then our behavioral team taught Benji that people can be good and kind. Both dogs spent months with our staff, who healed their physical and emotional wounds. Benji learned to trust, and soon - like Snooki’s - his little tail was going a mile a minute.

Finally, they were ready for adoption. That’s when Kelly and Tom learned about Snooki and Benji from a KHS volunteer. They felt they could offer these little dogs the love and understanding they needed.

“We’d gone through a hard time, and so had they,” says Kelly.

Kelly’s father had recently passed away, and her mother was ill. Then their dog of 14 years passed away. Kelly and Tom felt that Snooki and Benji could help heal their hearts - and that they could do the same for them. Today Snooki and Benji are the center of the universe for Kelly and Tom. They can’t imagine life without them.

The hope we have for helping homeless and abandoned animals hinges on the support of generous, caring people like you. Your past support has helped countless animals on their paths to happiness.

Your membership in the Kentucky Humane Society means so much to us, but it means even more to the dogs, cats and horses who are served by your generosity.

On behalf of the animals who will be helped by your gift, thank you so much!

With hope and gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon Signature

Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

P.S. Your membership saves lives! Please take a moment now to send in your annual membership gift or give online at


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