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Tuesday, 15 January 2019 08:41

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Dear Friend of the Animals,

Wilbur came to us after his family fell apart. He was a loving nine-year-old dog, but neglect left him with a melon-sized tumor on his chest. Thanks to your partnership, Wilbur's story has a happy ending -- something we want for all homeless animals.

We removed Wilbur's tumor, gave him love and time to heal in a foster home. Then he met Donna. Donna was a senior citizen, like Wilbur, who had also known heartache. Her beloved dog of many years had recently passed away. She felt lost and alone until she found Wilbur. She knew they could help each other heal, and he found his forever home.

Your support enables us to rescue, heal and find happily ever-afters for the animals at KHS. Every animal is given the time, medical or behavioral care, and love they need, and we find them wonderful homes.

We know your compassion for all companion animals is just as strong as ours, and that's why we want you to join us as an official Kentucky Humane Society Partner & Supporter.

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Right now, animals in every part of Kentucky need our help. Your support can make an immediate impact on their lives.

When you donate, you help save the lives of companion animals statewide. Please resolve to save lives with us this year.

With gratitude,

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Lori Kane Redmon
President & CEO

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