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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 16:38

Giving Life and Love to Valentine

Valentine came to the Kentucky Humane Society with a shattered leg and a wounded heart. Your gift of love to the Kentucky Humane Society is giving this girl the chance to find love again.

When Valentine arrived at our doors, she was struggling to walk in spite of the pain of a shattered femur. In addition to this horrific injury, we soon discovered the poor girl suffered from heartworms, a deadly parasite. Because of the love and compassion you offer to us with every donation, we are healing Valentine--taking away the pain of a useless leg and saving her heart from the ravages of parasites.

This Valentine's Day, give your love to a companion animal by making a donation to the Kentucky Humane Society. Your love will ease the pain and worries of companion animals throughout Louisville and Kentucky.

Thank you for your help. With your generosity and compassion, we can make miracles happen every day.

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