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Thursday, 02 January 2020 14:01

Happy Neuter Year! $20 Neuters for Male Cats in January

The Kentucky Humane Society’s S.N.I.P. Clinic wants you to ring in the New Year by making a resolution to neuter your male cat during their “Happy Neuter Year” campaign. In January, it’s just $20 to neuter a male cat at the KHS S.N.I.P. Clinic.

“Neutering male pets is a simple surgery that reduces unwanted behaviors, like roaming, fighting, and urine marking,” says Karen Koenig, KHS Vice President of Animal Welfare. “It also guarantees your pet does not add to the pet overpopulation problem.”

This special $20 rate is even less than the S.N.I.P. Clinic’s normal low-cost price of $50 for male cats. The S.N.I.P. Clinic provides low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter surgeries to dogs and cats Monday through Friday by appointment.

More than 10,000 dogs and cats are spayed or neutered each year at the KHS S.N.I.P. Clinic located at 4918 South Preston Highway, Louisville. Since this S.N.I.P. Clinic opened in 2007, more than 120,000 local dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered. This has helped lead to a more than 50% reduction in the number of animals turned in to Louisville’s shelters.

Call 502-636-3491 to make an appointment for your pet today, or book your pet's appointment online.

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