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KHS Welcomes Girl Scouts

04 September 2014

Every year, the Kentucky Humane Society assists hundreds of scouts of all ages in earning a badge or award.  Created back in 2007, our Girl Scout program was an instant success.  We only had 157 Girl Scouts go through our workshops that first year but the news spread and since then, we have worked with at least 400 girls every year.  Success lies in the natural draw that children have towards animals and the simple mission statement of the Girl Scouts:  to help girls become confident and compassionate, making the world a better place.  The Girl Scouts needed an animal connection in the community.  KHS needs young advocates for our homeless animals.  It was a perfect partnership.

KHS offers workshops on dog safety and responsible pet care. We work with troops and individuals who are in need of service opportunities in order to earn a special award. Our goal is to educate on animal welfare issues and expand the circle of compassion so that all living beings are treated with kindness and respect. In return, many girls make treats, toys, beds or donate to our mission using funds from their troop treasury. They all become a voice in the community that stands up for those that have no voice.

KHS looks forward to another successful school year with all scouts. For more information on our scout opportunities, please contact our Education Manager at 515-3149.

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