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21 November 2014

Hi! My name is Ginger. See how pretty I am! I am really special too. Not many female cats are redheads. Most redhead cats are boys.  I am two years old and I have had quite a life. I was born outdoors and my momma died when I was really small. My new momma found me at a place called a “vet” and took me to live with her and her family. I have one brother who looks like me and two siblings who are big and bark. I like all my siblings even when I don’t understand why the silly dogs are barking!

My current momma is moving to a place that doesn’t allow her to take all of us with her. She is very sad I can’t move with her, so she is letting me remain at home as long as possible instead of taking me to a shelter. She is using something she calls the “KHS Re-Homing Service.”

New people make me a little nervous and so momma wants to help me by having me meet my new momma or daddy with her first. Because I get to stay with her while I am looking for a new home, I get to continue to cuddle and read books with my momma on the bed every day. I let momma know when I’m happy by making biscuits and purring. I even get to hunt that pesky red dot! Seriously, have you seen the dot? It moves so fast! It’s on the wall, then it’s on the floor, it’s everywhere!

I like this KHS Re-Homing Service. It means I get to stay with momma and my siblings for a little bit longer and can come straight from here to my forever family’s home. Momma says everyone listed on the re-homing service is spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots and living in a home currently so you can meet us when we are most comfortable and see who we really are. To my new forever family, wherever you are: I love you already! Come meet me!

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