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Thursday, 22 January 2015 11:19

'Pit Bull Dogs Are Family' Shows Everyday Families

On January 21, the Kentucky Humane Society, Louisville Metro Animal Services and Saving Sunny announced the launch of a public awareness campaign called Pit Bull Dogs Are Family. Funded by Best Friends Animal Society, the campaign shows everyday families with their everyday dogs. The point is to correct misperceptions about pit bull terrier dogs and to encourage more local families to adopt from local shelters.

Changing Hearts and Minds. 

About 20% of the dogs coming in to Louisville Metro Animal Services and the Kentucky Humane Society are pit bull terriers or pit mixes. Sadly, these dogs often spend twice as long waiting to be adopted compared to other dogs. 

Why? Often it is because of stereotypes. But pit bull dogs are just like every other dog: they need love, companionship and families to care for them. At the Kentucky Humane Society, we find homes for every adoptable pet, including hundreds of pitties and pit mixes each year. 

Just like people, companion animals are individuals. Each animal has his or her own unique personality. Just as it is unfair to judge someone by what they look like, it's unfair to judge a dog or cat this way.

It is also unfair to lump all owners in to the same category. The truth is, there is no one "type" of pit bull owner. People from all walks of life have pit bull dogs as family members. 

The Pit Bull Dogs Are Family campaign aims to break down stereotypes by showing everyday people with their everyday dogs. The ultimate goal is to encourage more people to adopt grateful shelter pets. 

It is unfortunate this campaign is needed. However, we hope that in the not too distant future, every dog will be seen as an individual and will not be unfairly judged. We are looking forward to a time when, as we look back at 2015, everyone will say, "But of course pit bull dogs are family! Who would think otherwise?"

About the Pit Bull Dogs Are Family Campaign

The phrases "Pit Bull Dogs Are Family" and "Everyday People, Everyday Dogs" are borrowed from a poster created by Animal Farm Foundation, an animal welfare agency that advocates for the equal treatment and opportunity for "pit bull" dogs. 

All photos used in the campaign were taken by Beth Andrews Fine Photography.

All print and social media materials were created by Andrea Blair and Beth Haendiges, the PR/Marketing team at the Kentucky Humane Society.

We thank our many media sponsors, including The Courier-Journal, LEO Weekly, Louisville Magazine, Today's Woman, Today's Family, IHeart Media, WDRB and others. We are also grateful to TARC for ad sponsorships on 60 TARC buses. We thank WDRB, WHAS11, WAVE3 and WLKY for airing stories about this campaign. Together, we can change stereotypes and ensure more local shelter dogs find wonderful homes.

- Andrea Blair, PR/Marketing Director, Kentucky Humane Society

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