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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 20:26

Blaze Looking for Home after Owner Dies

Blaze, a faithful terrier, is still mourning the loss of her owner. But she is ready to love again. Blaze, a faithful terrier, is still mourning the loss of her owner. But she is ready to love again.

My name is Blaze but my foster mom has been calling me Blazie which I kind of like. When I came to her office a couple of weeks ago I was very sad and feeling like I just didn't want my life to go on. You see, my real momma passed away, my doggie sister was very ill and left our home after my momma did. In the matter of a couple of days my life stopped. All that I loved disappeared, and I didn't want to go on either.

It had been a long and unusual time in my life as my momma had become ill and told me she couldn't stay. When she went away for a while to the hospital, my sister and I were left alone a lot. While people came in and out of our home, I preferred to stay under the bed. The weeks passed and while I hated it and knew it was wrong I trained myself to go potty on a pad when no one was around. I really enjoyed my leash walks with my mom, but I didn't want to go out with anyone besides her. We spent a lot of time walking together, and it just wasn't the same anymore. I was so excited when my mom finally came home to me. Unfortunately, she was still not well, and I knew our time together was going to be short. As her caregivers came in and out, I just lay under the bed listening to my mom. She was home for a couple of weeks before she left forever. I sensed it was time and while it took a lot of courage to come out from my hiding place to say goodbye I had to do it. This was my last chance to say good bye and thank her for saving me from my previous life. So I took a deep breath and came out to sit with her until she left. As soon as she said goodbye I retreated to my safe place under her bed. 

As I lay there watching and listening to the strangers in my home, I thought back to the day she rescued me. For three years I ran in the woods behind my house. The man in the house did put food out for me, but I did not receive any affection or toys. I was so young and wanted to play, so I began to steal toys from the neighboring back yards. I watched as the children left their belonging outside and I would sneak to grab one from time to time. I really enjoyed them and they were really all that I had. As I watched from the woods I came to know a visitor who would try to befriend me but I was so scared. I eventually got closer and started to trust her. She is who I came to know as momma. I went home with her and had a wonderful life for two years. 

I have adjusted to my foster mom's office and sometimes I go to her home and play with other dogs. Her older dog doesn't like me much, but her youngest one loves to run and play, which I really enjoy. I am a little jumpy about loud noises or quick movements, but I am getting better everyday and learning there are more people in the world I can trust. If you can understand what baggage feels like and would work with me to help me let go of some of mine, please come and meet me. It will take me some time to trust, but I am committed to finding a forever home and so is the Kentucky Humane Society.

I'm five years old, a Cairn terrier, and I'm spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on my vaccinations.

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