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Friday, 20 February 2015 12:23

Making Pet Boarding Fun

At the Kentucky Humane Society Pet Resorts, we try to make the pet boarding experience fun with interactive options for the pets. Below is one happy dog's story.

I love my playtime!

Hi! My name is Blade! I come to the Eastpoint Pet Resort sometimes, when my Mommy puts her clothes in that box thing she calls a suitcase. I love coming here, though. The people are all really nice. They tell me I am a good boy. And sometimes, my Mommy lets them play with me in a quiet room, just me and one of the nice people!

First, they take me on a short walk. I love it outside! Then, we come into the playroom, where there are all kinds of toys, and a water bowl for when I get thirsty. I usually run to the kong first. I love those things. The person that is in there with me calls my name, and I bring it to her, and she throws it! I am so excited, because it bounces all around! We do this for a little while, then I get the rope toy and play tug with her. Sometimes I even let her win. The whole time she is petting me, telling me what a good boy I am…usually by the time she says it is time to go back to my room, I am so worn out I am ready.

Ooooohhh…here they come. I think it is playtime! Whoo hoo!

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