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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 14:14

I Love Play Time

Hi!  My name is Blade!  I come to the Eastpoint Pet Resort sometimes, when my Mommy puts her clothes in that box thing she calls a suit case.  I love coming here, though.  The people are all really nice.  They tell me I am a good boy.  And sometimes, my Mommy lets them play with me in a quiet room, just me and one of the nice people!

First, they take me on a short walk. I love it outside! Then, we come into the playroom, where there are all kinds of toys, and a water bowl for when I get thirsty. I usually run to the kong first. I love those things. The person that is in there with me calls my name, and I bring it to her, and she throws it! I am so excited, because it bounces all around! We do this for a little while, then I get the rope toy and play tug with her. Sometimes I even let her win. The whole time she is petting me, telling me what a good boy I am…usually by the time she says it is time to go back to my room, I am so worn out I am ready.

Ooooohhh…here they come. I think it is playtime! Whoo hoo!

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