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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 12:08

Fourth of July Safety

The Fourth of July is a great holiday, filled with celebration, fireworks, food and lots of outdoor fun. We’d like to make sure that the holiday is just as fun for your pets as it is for you. Here are some suggestions to make the holiday safer for your pet.

Did you know that more pets are lost during Fourth of July celebrations than any other time of year? Many pets are frightened by fireworks and may slip out of their leash, jump or dig under a fence, or run out the door during parties or gatherings. Some dogs have even been known to break through windows.

Follow these tips to help keep your pets safe:

  • Going to a fireworks display? Leave your pet at home. The heat, the noise, the strangers… all of this is no fun for your favorite pet. Instead, keep your pet secure in a room inside your home with the shades or curtains drawn. If your dog is crate trained, place him or her in a crate with a fan on; the white noise can help block out the noise of fireworks. Thunder Shirts can also help alleviate stress on dogs; these are special jackets that “swaddle” the dog, making him or her feel more relaxed and secure. You can also buy plug-in diffusers that release calming pheromones in the air that can help your anxious cat or dog relax. (We use these at the shelter for our Work Cats.)
  • Have your pet properly identified. Make sure your pet is wearing ID tags and is micro-chipped. Proper identification can be your pet’s ticket home.
  • No alcohol. Don’t leave alcoholic beverages unattended. Curious pets may try a drink. Alcohol has the potential to poison a pet. Even a small amount may be too much for their delicate systems.
  • Don’t use sunscreen or insect repellant on dogs or cats unless the manufacturer specifically says it’s safe for them. Many ingredients in both are poisonous to your pets.
  • Keep matches and lighter fluid away from your pets. They are toxic and can lead to health issues like kidney disease and sever stomach upset. Inhaling lighter fluid fumes can also lead to pneumonia.
  • Don’t fill your pet with people food. We know. It’s a holiday, and you think everyone deserves a treat. However, the best thing you can do for pets is to keep their food (intake and type of food) consistent. Unless you want Rover to have stomach upset all July Fifth, don’t let him nosh on your picnic fare. And keep in mind that foods such as onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes and raisins, salt and yeast dough can all be potentially toxic to companion animals.
  • Glow jewelry doesn’t belong on a pet. While not toxic, if pets chew on glow sticks, the substance inside can cause excessive drooling and stomach upset. And if you pet ingests the glow stick, it can cause intestinal blockage, requiring immediate surgery.
  • Keep citronella candles, insect coils and oil products out of reach. Once again, the ingredients can cause stomach upset, and deeply breathing the fumes can cause pneumonia.
  • Never use fireworks around pets! Not only do lit fireworks hold the potential of severely burning a curious pet, even the unlit fireworks can do damage if ingested.
  • Will you be traveling or hosting a party at your home? Consider giving your pet a relaxing stay at one of our two pet resorts for their safety and your peace of mind.
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