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08 August 2016

Darby was found in Calloway County at a mere 26 pounds--skin and bones. She's spent time in foster care to get to a healthy weight. And soon she'll be ready for adoption through the Kentucky Humane Society.

08 July 2016

Bravo, a three-month-old Hound/Retriever mix, is a sweet and happy boy who came to the Kentucky Humane Society looking for a forever home. When he first arrived at KHS, Bravo appeared like any normal, healthy puppy. He ate, he played, he wanted to be held and loved. It wasn’t until the morning of his neuter surgery that we discovered something was very wrong.

23 June 2016

With temperatures in the 90s today, we'd like to remind you to be careful walking your dog on asphalt. The temperature of that black surface can be exponentially hotter than the outside air.