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25 March 2014

The first pet 11-year-old Riley ever adopted was a lovely kitten named Romeo. Romeo had been a very sick little kitten, suffering kidney failure. Without the excellent medical care he received because of the Kentucky Humane Society’s Help Me Heal fund, Romeo very likely would not have survived.

03 March 2014

by Valerie Merrified, Humane Educator

My job as Education Manager sends me on all types of wonderful adventures.  One particular visit at a lock-down facility for children will always stay with me. These children had been neglected, mistreated and/or abused. They were confused and angry, some turning to abusing others to cope.  I had two presentations, one for 5 to 11 year olds, one for teens. As Lulu and I waited in the presentation room for the first group, I was nervous. They came into the room and smiled and squealed at seeing Lulu. I immediately became comfortable and settled into my normal routine, teaching, sharing, and showing off Lulu's  tricks. They were so gentle with her, touching her softly and speaking to her in hushed voices. They thanked us for coming and my heart melted.

25 November 2013

This blog post was guest-written by Katie Burke, an intern and one of our foster care givers.

Becoming a foster family for the Kentucky Humane Society was one of the best decisions we have made. Brett and I both have a great love of animals. Our main reason for deciding to foster was the simple fact that animals are helpless and unable to save themselves when they are in bad situations like abuse or neglect. After doing a little research online and going to the informational meeting put on by the Kentucky Humane Society, we decided it was perfect for us. We decided to foster only dogs and puppies since I am highly allergic to cats. We were so anxious to get our first dog. The email went out about two beagle mix puppies that were six weeks old and needed two weeks in foster. We quickly replied that we wanted to take them, went to pick them up and were so excited! From there, we took on a Boxer mix that was bitten by a snake and near death. We had her for about a month to help her recover. After we returned her, we took on three more sets of puppies for two weeks at a time, and most recently we brought home three puppies for the weekend.