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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 16:40

Dante's Heart

Dog in Desperate Need of Surgery Needs Your Help

It's called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart condition that will lead to congestive heart failure without intervention. And five-month-old Dante has it.

Thursday, 10 December 2015 12:20

Play and Your Dog: The Flirt Pole

Dogs crave attention and activity. Sometimes you don't have the energy to give your dog the active play he wants. That's where a flirt pole can be a lifesaver.

Nearly 40 rescued dogs and puppies arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society last week after being removed from neglectful and abusive situations by Animal Rescue Corps. Eleven of the dogs were saved from a puppy mill in Ecru, MS, where they were kept in cages and used as breeders. The remainder were rescued from a variety of recent ARC cases, including a shuttered animal organization in Tennessee.