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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 12:20

Newborn Kittens Rescued from Inside Walls


TO THE RESCUE! Cats like to find quiet places to have their babies – and their persistence in finding obscure places to give birth can surprise even the most experienced foster caregivers.

Our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Emily Bewley, took home a very pregnant cat so she could give birth in a home rather than the shelter. Mother Mayhem – as she’s since been named – proceeded to escape from her enclosure and crawled into the ceiling of the unfinished basement to have her kittens.

Are you looking for the purrfect feline companion? Now is a great time to adopt!

Through March 27, you an adopt a cat one year or older for just $10 plus applicable licensing fees. The adoption special is valid at the Kentucky Humane Society's East Campus at 1000 Lyndon Lane and the Sam Swope Pet LTC (also called the Main Campus) at 241 Steedly Drive. 

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) is reminding people to check their car hoods for outside cats seeking warmth this winter, after an injured kitten was surrendered to the nonprofit animal shelter this week.

“In cold weather, outside cats sometimes crawl into car hoods seeking the warmth of a recently turned off engine. A bang on your car hood or a beep of your horn before starting the engine can give cats a chance to escape or make their presence known and can help save lives this winter,” said Megan Decker, KHS Media Manager.