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30 August 2017 In Adoption

From now through August 31, 2017, dogs 50 pounds or over and adult cats will have their adoption fees cut in half.

31 December 2014 In Pet Help Line

With the start of a new year come many resolutions. We here at the Kentucky Humane Society would like to offer some suggested resolutions for you and your pet that we hope are easy to keep.

This year, resolve to…

22 October 2018 In Pet Help Line

Halloween may be a fun night for trick-or-treating and festivities, but it can be particularly spooky and possibly dangerous for our four-legged friends. Here are some tips to help make sure that this Halloween is a safe one for pets and people alike: 

07 October 2014 In Adoption

by Valerie Merrifield, community outreach manager

Anna, my blind senior pup, was adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society a number of years ago. Anna has her own definition of certain words. I am certain many of you have pets with similar definitions.

17 June 2014 In Adoption

By Susan Oppel, Kentucky Humane Society Shelter Director

One-year-old Toby came to the Kentucky Humane Society in early December 2013 from an overcrowded shelter. He was surrendered by his owner, but the details were sketchy. When he arrived at KHS, Toby was very scared, but kind of bold about it. After receiving his intake vaccines and getting neutered, he was recovering in his kennel. At the same time, my office foster dog, Patch, had been making much progress and was leaving for our P.R.O.U.D. (Prisoner Rehabilitation of Untrained Dogs) program. I don’t like to have an empty office, and knew I needed to find another roommate when Patch departed.

23 April 2014 In Pet Resorts

Toby is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever and a frequent visitor to the Fern Creek Pet Resort’s Doggie Day Care.  We think Toby is a great example of a dog whose life is happier because of Doggie Day Care.

25 February 2014 In Pet Help Line

Bringing a new pet into your home is a joyous occasion for the whole family. You may have been searching for just the right pet for weeks and then one day on the KHS website you come across the perfect match. You go down to meet your potential new family member, put a hold on her and then go prep the house.  You probably bought new food and water dishes, food, treats, bedding and a crate or litter box. You have puppy or kitty proofed, set up pet sitters and researched the KHS Pet Resorts as a place for doggy daycare or boarding if you even have to go out of town. You have set up an appointment with your vet for a new pet check up and now its time to go pick up your new baby. You have been looking forward to this event for days or even weeks and now that you’ve found your New Pet, the whole family is excited as a kid on the first day of summer! You bring New Pet home ready to start the next chapter of your lives and as soon as you walk in the door, Fluffy, your current pet runs and hides at the first sight of New Pet. Heartbroken, you wonder if you made the right choice or if you will have to take New Pet back to the shelter.

11 February 2014 In Adoption

The following is an op-ed piece published by The Courier-Journal on Feb. 10, 2014, and written by KHS President and CEO Lori Redmon

Partially deaf, arthritic and her fur covered in motor oil, Betty spent her days chained to a tire. The senior Australian shepherd mix was living at a substandard breeding facility — often called a puppy mill — in Nancy, Ky. When authorities arrived to shut down the facility Jan. 21, they found Betty lying under a broken-down van, doing her best to stay out of the biting wind. Her rescuers had to coax her out. When she finally emerged, she wagged her tail slowly and gazed at her rescuers with her beautiful blue eyes.

04 February 2014 In Adoption

As noted earlier in this blog, some shelter pets have a harder time finding that special someone who will become their forever companion. We shared the stories of Baby and Jazzy, two wonderful dogs who, because of special needs, found themselves waiting for forever homes. We have good news to report. Baby and Jazzy each found their forever homes!