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18 May 2020 In Horses

We have exciting news to share Hope ā€“ a horse who survived the shooting of 20 members of her herd in December ā€“ gave birth to a healthy, wobbly-kneed colt on May 17! Both "mom" and baby are doing well.

You may remember that in December 2019, the Kentucky Humane Society took in three horses from Eastern Kentucky after the other members of their herd were gunned down in inhumane act of tragedy. One of these survivors, Hope, was a pregnant mare.

08 March 2020 In Give

Dear Friend of Animals,

Iā€™m excited to tell you about an amazing matching gift opportunity ā€” and to introduce you to two little lives you can help.

Right now, thanks to three amazing animal advocates, we have a $30,000 Spring Matching Gift Challenge! Every gift the Kentucky Humane Society receives before April 14 will be matched, dollar for dollar, until the challenge is met.

22 August 2019 In Horses

At just two days old, Owen was left an orphan. Without a mother, the wobbly kneed foal had nowhere to turn. And without proper nutrition and love from his mother, his life was in danger.