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04 November 2014 In Dog Questions

by Valerie Merrifield

I’ll never forget the feeling of terror as I gazed upon my lifeless dog, Lulu.

It was the holidays. My family had gathered at my house to exchange gifts and unbeknownst to me, Lulu had been given a forbidden gift: a tiny rawhide bone. Rawhide isn’t allowed at my house. I have experienced problems with it before. It was completely new for Lulu who grabbed it and ran to another room to relish her prize. I suddenly noticed that Lulu was not with us…and that never happens. She loves to be right in the mix of things. I got up to search for her and found her in the corner of a bedroom…not breathing.

22 October 2018 In Pet Help Line

Halloween may be a fun night for trick-or-treating and festivities, but it can be particularly spooky and possibly dangerous for our four-legged friends. Here are some tips to help make sure that this Halloween is a safe one for pets and people alike: 

30 January 2014 In Kids

by Valerie Merrifield, education manager, [email protected] 

As Education Manager for the Kentucky Humane Society, my dogs and I have taught over 30,000 school children throughout Kentuckiana.  I have several topics that I present, but it is my dog safety presentation that is the most dear to me.  Every day in schools, children rush my dogs, touch their tails and try to hug/kiss my dogs.  Every day in schools, I encounter children who have been bitten by a dog.  Today’s school visits were a perfect example: out of the 35 children I visited, three had bruises, marks or stitches from a recent bite to their faces.