Adopt Dogs

26 July 2016

Have you ever adopted a pet from a KHS adoption center at Feeders Supply? Then you’re invited!

Come to the Homecoming for Furry Adoptees on Saturday, August 6, 2-4 p.m. at any Feeders Supply.

26 July 2016

Twenty years ago, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) and Feeders Supply launched a lifesaving partnership that has resulted in over 40,000 dog and cat adoptions.

The late Roy Gibson – founder of Feeders Supply – first offered a permanent pet adoption site to KHS in 1996.
At the time, no pet store in Louisville devoted permanent space for pet adoptions to a shelter, and few pet stores in the country had tried it.

14 January 2019

Did you know that each cat or dog adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society comes with 30 days of pet insurance?  Adopters just need to contact PetFirst Pet Insurance to receive this benefit. 

08 July 2016

Bravo, a three-month-old Hound/Retriever mix, is a sweet and happy boy who came to the Kentucky Humane Society looking for a forever home. When he first arrived at KHS, Bravo appeared like any normal, healthy puppy. He ate, he played, he wanted to be held and loved. It wasn’t until the morning of his neuter surgery that we discovered something was very wrong.

01 July 2019

Many people enjoy fireworks over the July 4th holiday, but fireworks can be terrifying for pets—causing many animals to escape their homes or yards and become lost. Animal shelters across the country often report an increase in strays following the July 4th holiday.

23 June 2016

With temperatures in the 90s today, we'd like to remind you to be careful walking your dog on asphalt. The temperature of that black surface can be exponentially hotter than the outside air.

17 June 2016

Did you know that large dogs have it much harder in shelters? Big dogs take up more cage space, and it often takes them three times as long to get adopted. And big dogs have big litters - often 10-15 puppies!

That's why spaying and neutering is critical. You can help solve the local pet overpopulation problem by donating to the Kentucky Humane Society S.N.I.P Clinic's "Big Dog Fix." Your donation will help the S.N.I.P. Clinic provide low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to big dogs, right here in our community.

20 May 2016

Dear Friends,

My life has been filled with many rescue pets over the years and I have loved them all. Yet every once in a long while a special one comes into my life, and we form a bond that surpasses all others. Such was the case with “Strippey Cat,” whom I recently lost. This loss has been devastating, but I don’t have to tell you, our Paw Street Journal readers, about loss. If you are reading this, chances are you have shared my experience with loving and losing a pet many times over.

18 May 2016

Spring and summer lead a cat's fancy to multiplying. While spay/neuter programs have done much to reduce the number of unwanted litters of kittens, each year we receive calls for help to foster kittens. While the benefits to the kittens and the shelter are obvious, there are many great reasons for people to foster kittens.

11 May 2016

We love to share our yards with our pets. When planning your garden this year, think about some pet friendly options and remember the plants to keep out of your furry companions reach. Keep in mind that our dogs and cats are carnivores, so any green treat they get, should be done in moderation. Their stomachs cannot process too many veggies and greens.