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Zizi (FeLV+) (Bonded with Raven)
Animal ID 42377830 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix  
Age 1 years 3 months 
Sex Female 
Size M 
Color Black 
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Declawed No 
Site Available by Appointment  
Location Available By Appointment 
Intake Date 08/02/2019 
Adoption Price $5.00 
Stage Available
Looking to make a world of difference in the lives of two young cats? You've come to the right place! Meet our pretty kitty Zizi and her best friend and sister, Raven, who must be adopted together. Zizi and Raven are a year old, and have sadly had a very difficult life so far. At just a few months old, Zizi, her mother and her siblings were found abandoned on the Kentucky Humane Society's property in August and have been with KHS ever since. You see, the whole cat family tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV), a disease that shortens cats' lives. In most shelters, this beautiful cat family would be euthanized because of their FeLV status. But the staff at KHS believe that cats like Zizi and Raven deserve loving homes too. Because Zizi and Raven grew up in the shelter, they can take time to warm up to new people. The have spent the last few months in a foster home to help them get acclimated to being members of a family. Here is what their amazing foster parent had to say about these two special cats:

They both LOVE to play, but Raven is by far the most playful. They love to do laps down the hallway and love ANYTHING with feathers. Also, treats, they both loves treats, but not as much as Zizi does. They both LOVE squirrels and birds and would love to have a window view of a bird feeder outside. They also enjoy youtube- anything with birds and, especially, squirrels! They are great about using a scratching post, so make sure you have one! Raven is very considerate to Zizi. Raven has a more active play style than Zizi, so she takes a step back and watches Zizi play sometimes so she can have her turn. It is very cute to see.

Raven enjoys being held, I like to hold the cats and let them look out the window while I give head scratches, she loves it - Zizi, not just yet. She's very curious about everything and loves being petted. Raven will also butt heads with you and enjoys kisses too. She's very active and will call for you to play with the wand toy with her. She's easily won over with toys and treats and doesn't take long to come out of her shell, if she even has a shell anymore.

Zizi has been known to find the strangest things to play with: rocks, a forgotten cracker under the fridge, a toy car hidden somewhere from the previous tenant. She's also a bit jealous - she will come up and fall at your feet when she wants petting. She's not a lap cat... yet, I think. Ziz will probably take a while to come out of her shell in her new home. She would not eat or play around me, but I started reading and talking quietly to her daily. Slowly, she started to relax. She still wouldn't take treats or toys, but one day, she relaxed onto her side. Another day, she outstretched her paw. After that, she tried to play with a piece of string I was fiddling with while I read to her. Then, she was out of hiding, but still retreated to under the chair when I was in the room, then, slowly, slowly she stayed out longer and longer until I was able to pet her. At this point, treats are the way to win her over. I always keep my interactions with her short and always end on a good note to encourage her to continue to open up. Now, she will follow me to my desk and sit on the foot rest next to me so I can give her a small pet. Once she's content, she'll go off to another room to nap, but she loves when you seek her out to give her a quick head pet, just so she knows you were missing her.

Raven is very outgoing and will captivate you immediately, but Zizi, she sneaks up on you and it really is so special when she decides she trusts you. Both of these girls are insanely funny. Always doing something that will make me smile. They would do fine with other FeLV+ cats and cat-friendly or cat-avoidant dogs. They would probably be fine with kids as long as they are gentle and let Zizi come to them. Be sure to stock up in feather toys and treats!

Zizi is a member of our adoption ambassador program. As part of our ambassador program, some of our feline and canine friends have the opportunity to live in foster homes. This allows our staff to learn more about
each animal's individual personality and needs, while they are in a more comfortable living space, outside of the shelter setting. The goal of the Adoption Ambassador program is for these foster animals to be adopted directly from their foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Zizi (and Raven), please first submit an online adoption application located at Once we have received your adoption application, our foster team will follow up and provide you with more information.

Fabulous FeLV+
Kitties like me have a shorter lifespan due to Feline Leukemia (FeLV), but we still deserve the chance for a happy life. Because of my FeLV status, I must be the only kitty in my home or go to a household with other FeLV-positive cats, and I cannot be let outside. I will also need an adopter who understands that I will need more frequent veterinary checkups due to my condition. If you're interested in learning more about me and FeLV, please ask my adoption counselor for details.

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