Kira (in Illinois)
Animal ID 46851366 
Species Horse 
Breed Mustang/Grade  
Age 12 years 8 months 
Sex Female 
Size L 
Color Brown/Black 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Foster Farm 
Intake Date 03/07/2021 
Adoption Price $500.00 
Stage Equine-Available
Kira is possibly a mustang cross. She would only be available to an experienced trainer at this time. She has been haltered and started basic ground work and desensitization exercises, is curious enough to reach out and make contact, but is still a ground up project. She is incredibly athletic. Quick on her feet, she can turn on a dime, and shows a lot of power in her gaits. She appears to be very sound. She is a sensitive mare, and it will take time to earn her trust, but in the right hands could develop into an impressive sport horse. She is currently with a trainer, working on ground work and eventually working under saddle, in order to increase her chances of being adopted. Kira has been known to jump 5ft fences unprompted so "has talent, needs direction"! Feel free to check in so we can share any updates. Kira is in Sheridan, IL with Rancho Del Comienzo but is available for adoption at any point in her training journey. **Update- Kira has progressed to being caught, and working in a surcingle with her trainer. Contact us if you'd like to connect with her trainer for more info.
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