Animal ID 47548143 
Species Horse 
Breed Pony  
Age 6 years 4 months 
Sex Female 
Size M 
Color Brown 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 04/15/2021 
Adoption Price $500.00 
Stage Equine-Available
Loretta is a very recent intake. She is a mostly feral mare who is somewhat "food tame" (comes up for food/expects goodies but not previously haltered or handled) and arrived with her colt Burton at her side. She will be a ground-up project, her age is currently unknown but she appreas sound. Please check back for updates as we get her handled/teeth-floated/dewormed/EIAtested/and evaluated. She will be available for adoption when her colt is weaned several months down the road.
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