Animal ID 47696168 
Species Horse 
Breed Pony/Grade  
Age 2 years 8 months 
Sex Female 
Size M 
Color Brown 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 01/22/2021 
Adoption Price $600.00 
Stage Equine-Available
Arzanna was once a free roaming filly, caught at around 2 years old and was already at least 6 months in foal at the time. Much to our surprise, delight and at the loss of a lot of sleep she foaled without any issues and is now nursing a healthy colt named Colonel. Once Colonel is weaned in several months Arzanna will be available for adoption. She seems like a pretty level headed mare who will make a wonderful riding pony one day when the time is right. She does love to be groomed and most ponies from her herd/area have shown to be phenomenal jumpers, she would likely make an adorable little pony eventer one day as she's certainly used to covering some country as a youngster.
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