Animal ID 49311109 
Species Horse 
Breed Gaited /Grade  
Age 10 years 8 months 
Sex Female 
Size M 
Color Brown/White 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Equine In Training 
Intake Date 12/20/2021 
Adoption Price $600.00 
ARN 14.2hh 
Stage Equine-Available
Are you a fan of personal space? Do you prefer to chat with folks from a distance and not be... (shudder) touched? Not really much of a people person? Agnes may be your fierce and independent spirit animal. Agnes came to us in December of 2021 as a 10 year old feral free-roaming gaited horse where she was guiding 3 of her kids and a grandkid to good grass and safety while, quite literally, living on the road. She has had her last foal since arriving at KHS and nobody knows the identity of the father, or if her other foals were sired by the same stallion. Agnes could hold her own on the stage of the Maury show if we're being honest, but there's little to gain from spirited debate and paternity tests now.

Agnes will be available for adoption after her foal is weaned. She has had a negative Coggins, vaccinations, deworming, dental, and was working on her handling skills up until she gave birth. She will now be left alone for the most part until her foal is ready to wean, after which point Agnes will be ready to benefit from individualized attention and training. Her training history is unknown. However, she's somewhere between untouched and touched just enough to lead out for turnout but not cuddly enough to be caught and come back to the barn without some familiar faces, a lot of patience, and the help of a drag-rope as long as the list of bridges she's burned. Agnes could be caught in a stall or small area by a familiar and experienced person, but does not welcome the approach of strangers, nor does she tolerate someone who doesn't quickly recognize and respect her personal boundaries. We can't fault a gal for being clear about her wishes and independent enough to keep her family safe when she was their only line of defense, but it will take an understanding yet determined person to help write the ending of Agnes' fairytale and show her all the good things to be gained by a happy life with humans moving forward.
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