Animal ID 49539934 
Species Horse 
Breed Grade  
Age 17 years 5 months 
Sex Female 
Size L 
Color Grey 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Equine In Training 
Intake Date 02/01/2022 
Adoption Price $500.00 
Stage Equine-Available
Alma came to KHS in early February 2022 when we were asked by Animal Control to collect her small feral herd. She did not seem to have ever had any handling or contact by humans and was very afraid and distrusting. She was determined to be approximately 17 years old and stands approximately 15hh tall. She is of likely gaited heritage and is currently with a trainer for incremental handling and groundwork. She has been taught how to lead, tie, be groomed, and has been saddled and worked with the saddle on. Alma is coming along in training and should make someone a fine trail horse one day. While they are not mustangs, the feral horses of the Appalachian Mountain region must be tough to survive because in most areas the forage is nutrient-poor, deficient in necessary vitamins and minerals, and the ground is very rocky and unforgiving. Suffice to say, Alma has lived this long because she is a tough survivor so we think she has the good hard hooves and "street sense" to brave some tough terrain and wonderful adventures under saddle one day when she's ready for riding, she just needs a confident, kind and persistent person to continue to win her heart and show her all the wonderful memories there are to make with people moving forward.
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