Animal ID 49849348 
Species Horse 
Breed Miniature Horse  
Age 12 months 
Sex Female 
Size S 
Color Black 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 03/25/2022 
Adoption Price $500.00 
Stage Equine-Available
Liberty is a yearling Miniature Horse filly available for adoption. She lived and grew entirely in the stall where she was born until March of this year when she was rescued by KHS at which time she didn't have a name. We named her Liberty to celebrate her freedom from confinement of the dirty stall from which she was rescued. She was afraid of solid ground and very timid but has learned a great deal in a short time about the outside world. Her hooves were very overgrown, and she did not have any formal handling. She has been visited by our farrier and has been introduced to turnout since her arrival. Liberty has been learning how to get along (and give space) to another pony and has met multiple other horses through the fence. She would make a lovely pet for someone with a little understanding that she's still learning. She has an innocent and curious nature but does love attention. Because she's a mini she will likely need some dietary restrictions throughout her life to assure she grows healthy without obesity or laminitis (low sugar, low starch, limited or sparse grazing). If you'd love to meet and possibly adopt Liberty please complete an adoption application today!
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