Animal ID 52211900 
Species Horse 
Breed Grade  
Age 6 years 11 months 
Sex Female 
Size L 
Color Golden 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 03/09/2023 
Adoption Price $1000.00 
ARN 15hh 
Stage Equine-Available
Bellini is a gold champagne mare of mixed heritage who was gathered from a feral free roaming herd from the Appalachian region of Kentucky in March 2023 and came directly to KHS. Her herd was very flighty and had no previous human contact apart from vehicles that travelled across the active coal surface mining site and occasional possible sightseers, some of which definitely shot at the free roaming horses as evidenced from bullets found embedded in other horse's legs. Bellini was vetted via chute for Coggins, vaccinations, and aging by dentition, then went to spend time with a trainer for 4 months before returning to KHS. She is a tough cookie but has the ability to learn with patience and repetition. Bellini can be caught from pasture only by certain experienced individuals, but for those who know how to catch and get along with her she can usually be caught in a few minutes or less and leads cautiously but lacks confidence in most humans. She's not a horse that does well in a hectic environment but there's glimmers of "try" in her and she's trying her best. She can be sprayed with meds or water from in front of her shoulder and can tolerate grooming over some of her body but is in general still in need of a lot of work before she could be a good partner for most adopters. Bellini is available for foster-to-adopt only to EXPERIENCED TRAINERS or folks willing to invest a great deal of time with a training partner to bring her along. She would also be available for transfer to a partner organization who has proven experience, success, and training resources for very nervous, flighty, feral horses. Bellini appears sound at all gaits in pasture, has had roundpen work, and has been led/loaded onto a trailer but is also quite experienced at being guided on trailers loose from behind as well. Bellini is from an area often populated by gaited breeds and she is definitely part-gaited. Our assumption is that she will likely gait under saddle one day once relaxed but could definitely be trained to just trot ridden as she has a nice trot for most groundwork. Bellini is a snorty, quirky special gal. Please NO beginner or intermediate inquiries, and no she is not suitable for children at this time.
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