Animal ID 52514260 
Species Horse 
Breed Gaited  
Age 4 years 8 months 
Sex Male 
Size L 
Color Red 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Equine In Training 
Intake Date 04/24/2023 
Adoption Price $700.00 
ARN ~14.2 
Stage Equine-Available
Rafael was rounded up as a feral stallion and sent for boarding where he was mistreated and severely neglected to the point of being very thin and sick, all before his owners realized what was happening and then asked KHS to take him in. He's had plenty of time and support to become a healthy gelding in our care and now just needs some time to learn to forgive humans and learn how to be a civilized partner. He did have a great deal of defensive behavior when he arrived and has slowly gotten a bit better but he will likely need an experienced handler/trainer for some time. Despite all his tribulations he is a thinker and should be a good citizen before long. Rafael is with a trainer in Indiana and we are told he's making great progress from where he started. He's doing some groundwork and becoming much more approachable. Rafael will not be suitable for the average adopter for a while but would be available to a trainer with applicable experience or for transfer to a RightHorse partner organization.
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