Adoptable Horse Details

Slammin' Blue Kittie
Animal ID 53766913 
Species Horse 
Breed Saddlebred  
Age 17 years  
Sex Female 
Size L 
Color Red 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Foster Farm 
Intake Date 07/16/2023 
Adoption Price $600.00 
ARN 15.1hh 
Stage Equine-Available
Kittie is a registered American Saddlebred mare who came to KHS from a former breeder who was unable to properly care for their horses in the last several years. She had been mostly untouched for years before arrival and was difficult to catch with her filly at the time of pickup because she would run from people on sight, was very fearful, and really lacked any confidence in humans at all. She was underweight on arrival but a basic dental and deworming were very helpful in getting her back up to an acceptable weight. She seems to be sound enough to walk/trot/canter in pasture and for groundwork as well. Her filly was old enough to be weaned so now Kittie is ready to work on her people-skills. We know nothing of her riding history but her confidence in people and ability to be safely handled for basic care routines is our main focus for now, and then we can evaluate the rest of her training or retrain her as she's ready. She did accept a saddle with a trainer surprisingly well, but is not currently ready to be ridden even if she may have been ridden in the past. Kitty really has a big heart that she wears on her sleeve and seems to appreciate all of the individualized attention at her pace on her level lately. She would be a rewarding mare to be a friend for someone who also has a big heart and can give her grace when she could use a soft loving hand. Kitty is currently with a foster who is working diligently on building trust and helping her be a good citizen, she remains adoptable from her foster home in Harrodsburg, KY. *KHS does not adopt out mares for breeding purposes*
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