Adoptable Horse Details

Animal ID 55245360 
Species Horse 
Breed Mustang  
Age 17 years  
Sex Male 
Size L 
Color Brown 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 02/08/2024 
Adoption Price $800.00 
ARN 15.2hh 
Stage Equine-Available
Danny is a big-bodied BLM mustang gelding who collected from the Coppersmith HMA as a two year old and then went into training and use for the Kentucky Horse Park's Mustang Troop in which inner-city at-risk youth work with Mustangs to further their life skills while also showcasing the versatility of the Mustang. Danny was moved on from the program due to having some ankle arthritis, so he should not be used for high impact activities, but he has had a lot of training, handling and developed many skills that would be useful in a therapy setting or as a lowkey casual trail horse. His adopter should be willing to monitor his soundness and act accordingly if he isn't able to do his job anymore but as far as we can tell he would be happy to have a suitable job for a while longer. He has been ridden western, english, bareback, trail ridden, arena ridden, and is not a spooky guy. He's been ridden on roads, and near traffic, and is a very drafty-type Mustang with plenty of size and bone to him. Danny does have a bit of a roach-back but so long as care is taken to ensure a proper saddle fit he is happy to be ridden. Danny is up to date on Coggins, dental, dewormer, vaccinations, and farrier. Danny does best with at least one experienced person keeping a check on his ground manners or he can slowly start to get pushier over time. He can be super safe to ride but he can also be pushy enough that he can be momentarily hard to handle without consistent correction and guidance. Ie: pawing when seperated from friends, walking out the stall door when opened before being asked etc, which is why an experienced person should always be in his life.
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