Animal ID 46711780 
Species Horse 
Breed Pony/Grade  
Age 2 years 11 months 
Sex Male 
Size S 
Color Blond/White 
Site Equine C.A.R.E. 
Location Willow Hope Farm 
Intake Date 02/25/2021 
Stage Equine-Available
Finnian aka Finn is an adorable young pony gelding who came to us as a transfer from another organization. He seems to be sound and very adoptable. He has been fine with a saddle, a harness, and happily greets guests during tours. We paused on offering Finn for adoption, instead using him as an unofficial KHS SpokesPony but after some time to think on it we all agree he is so young and adoptable and would thrive with a home and a job so he is being offered as available at this time. Finn did arrive a stallion and was castrated at KHS, he's fairly bossy in a herd and fancies himself to a tall handsome fellow instead of the cute small pony he is. Finn stays in four board fence or well maintained wire mesh but would not likely stay put behind electric wire or poorly maintained fence. He also will push open any doors that are not well secured and though he's never jumped over anything here we wouldn't trust him not to test his legs as a jumper prospect over a low door or overly low fence. At least for his younger years he is a lively boy with a mind of his own so not suitable to just turn the lead over to a beginner but he would likely thrive as a leadline pony in an experienced home, or as a driving pony for a person who knows what to ask of him. If there were horse-savvy kids around he might make for a dashing teeny hunter one day with an abundance of potential and charisma. If you are ready and able to put Finn through the paces of charm school and offer him a healthy home with boundaries and lessons to be learned please inquire about adopting today! He is out on low quality pasture with minerals and salt provided and does not seem to need a dry lot or muzzle at this time. He has been pastured with mares and geldings as well as big horses.
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