Barron Finds Faith

Dogs Receive Comfort from Each Other

Barron-FaithA couple saw his glowing eyes along the side of the road as they drove down a dark, rural highway in Eastern Kentucky. It was a bitterly cold night last January.

Barron, a young Beagle mix with velvety ears, was lying there shivering next to the frozen, snow-covered body of another dog. A dog clearly loved by Barron.

When a local rescuer who was called to the scene tried to move him, Barron cried out and strained to get back to his deceased friend.

“When I did get the leash around his neck and tried pulling him away, he instantly started crying,” Sheena Maynard of Dumas Rescue told reporter Ryan Cummings from WDRB. “He tried to dig his way back to the mate, and then he covered back over it and cried.”

It was heartbreaking. The dog was inconsolable, apparently consumed with grief. Eventually, Sheena picked him up and carried him to her car.

“He stretched his neck out of the window and then cried until we got out of sight,” she said.

Sheena tried to comfort the grieving dog. That night, she offered him more food than he could possibly eat. She gave him toys and blankets. But he barely lifted his head. The next morning, the dog – whom Sheena named Barron – was no better.

Sheena wanted to do something to help this poor dog. He needed to fill the void that was left in his heart. She had an idea: She called animal rescue friends to see if anyone had a dog she could introduce to Barron. Perhaps Barron could bond with a new dog who could help him heal from his grief.

That afternoon, she received a gentle Lab mix. She had a soft, creamy coat and a friendly smile. She, too, had suffered loss: she was without a family of her own.

“I had a feeling when I looked into those eyes that she was exactly what Barron needed,” Sheena said.

She decided to name the dog Faith.

Sheena introduced Barron to Faith, and the two instantly became best friends. They did everything together: they ate together, slept together, played together.

After a few days with Sheena, the bonded pair came to the Kentucky Humane Society. Our mission: to find the perfect home for them – together.

Deb Corbett, a science teacher at Assumption High School, was on the KHS website one evening after work. A student had told her about a dog at KHS looking for a home. Deb and her husband, Tim, always have five dogs. Two of their dogs had recently passed away, so there was suddenly an “opening” for two more.

“The universe has decided that five dogs is how many we should have,” says Deb with a gentle laugh. The Corbetts live in a rural area of Southern Indiana where their rescue dogs enjoy romping and playing in their fenced property.

On the KHS website, Deb read about Barron and Faith, the two dogs who had found comfort in each other. She was moved by their story. She felt their sweet personalities would fit in well with her current pack. The Corbetts brought their resident dogs in to meet Barron and Faith. The dogs got along great, and the family decided to adopt the loving Beagle and gentle Labrador mix.

A year later, the dogs are still the best of friends.

“Barron and Faith are still bonded to each other,” says Deb. “Faith treats Barron like her baby – she loves to groom him.”

But the dogs have also bonded with the pack. Each evening, Deb takes all five dogs for a walk. After a long adventure, each is eager to return home, where they fall asleep in a pile together and have happy doggy dreams.