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VIRTUAL Positively Puppies, for puppies 8-15 weeks. Instructor: Adrian. Length: 6 weeks. Cost: $90.00

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Virtual Positively Puppies (recommended for puppies 8-15 weeks)

Congratulations on your new furry family member! New puppies are so much fun! And they can be a handful too. Get started on the right foot with all of your puppy basics including puppy play-biting, potty training, introducing the leash, and even early socialization along with all of your early puppy skills. If you have more specific questions and feel like you might need help beyond the basics, feel free to call our Community Behavior Line at 502-253-2883.

Classes include six weeks of pre-recorded video lessons, written homework and additional materials, and access to a professional trainer by phone, email, or video chat to support you along the way. All class materials are received in full upon enrollment so you can work through the lessons at your own pace and go back and review time and time again. 

For this class, you will need internet access and the ability to stream video including sound. If you wish to check in with your instructor by video chat, you will also need to have a device - cell phone, tablet, or computer - with a microphone and camera. If you don't have a video chat option, no worries! Your instructor will also be available by phone and email. 

Upon registration, you will receive a waiver that you will need to sign and return by email. Digial signatures are accepted and waivers can be completed by word or .pdf document. We will also accept a signed scan or a clear and complete cell photo of your signed waiver. Please call us if you have additional questions.

While you will not be required to present vaccine records, all vaccines as recommended by your vet are always the safest option for your dog and community.  

Payment is required at registration. All funds support our mission and help us provide the best care for the animals in our shelter. All fees are non-refundable.