Abused Dog Clings to Life – Your Help is Critical

Sweet n’ Low was found abandoned in an alley, extremely pregnant and suffering with a difficult labor. The one-year-old Pocket Pittie was rushed to KHS’ Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center where 11 staff members were waiting for her arrival to perform an after-hours emergency C-section. Sweet n’ Low survived the surgery but, unfortunately, her puppies could not be saved after the long and traumatic labor.

It soon became clear that Sweet n’ Low had been used and abused before she was cast aside. Her ears are sloppily cropped down to her skull, and the trauma her reproductive tract had suffered makes urination, sitting and walking painful. Worst of all, her tiny body is covered in what we suspect to be old, untreated chemical burns causing hair loss and discomfort.

Sweet n’ Low’s spirit had been broken by a life of abuse before being discarded. She now fights for her life, requiring:

• Round-the-clock intensive care and monitoring
• IV fluids, pain medication and antibiotics
• Constant comfort and reassurance to overcome her trauma

Sweet n’ Low has a long road to recovery ahead of her, but KHS promises to be there for her every step of the way. Will you? With your generous support, animals like Sweet n’ Low will get the urgent lifesaving medical care, safety and love they desperately need. Please donate today.

Every animal deserves a chance at the loving, secure life that Sweet n’ Low was denied for so long. Together, we can help every vulnerable animal like Sweet n’ Low get the care, safety and love they long for. Thank you for caring!

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