You Can Help Pets Like Alley!

On January 18, a puppy was found in a Louisville alley with suspected chemical burns. But she’s made an amazing recovery thanks to you! Learn more.

Thanks for Supporting our Lifesaving Work!

You make a difference for animals in Kentucky by supporting the Kentucky Humane Society. Your gifts have saved countless lives, created new families for people and pets, and made our community a better place to live. Wonderful people like you made a difference for Alley.

This 9-month-old puppy is as sweet as they come, despite the abuse she suffered.

People like you and I will never understand how anyone could harm a defenseless animal. Alley was found as a stray with severe chemical burns on one of her back legs. The Kentucky Humane Society veterinary team worked round-the-clock to save her life. We knew she had turned a corner when she licked the faces of her caregivers, as if to say “thank you.”

You and I know that animals make a huge difference in our lives, and you are making a difference in theirs with your support. Whether your support provides food and shelter, or lifesaving medical care to an animal in need — you are there for them.

Please open your heart today and send in a gift to help care for the over 6,000 homeless animals that will come to the Kentucky Humane Society this year.


Together, we can rescue homeless and abandoned pets like Alley and find them new loving families.

With the support of great people like you, we gave Alley a brand new start with a fantastic foster family. Alley wore toddler pants over her bandages to keep them clean and to allow her wounds to heal. Through it all, she remained loving, curious and sweet. Alley is almost 100% healed now, and her adoptive family visits her every week. They can’t wait to take her home!

With the support of great people like you, pets like Alley are taken in, rehabilitated and adopted. She’s now got several cozy beds and loves playing with other dogs and chasing balls. Alley will never be scared or hurt again.

Your generosity turns fear and suffering into safety, love, and happiness. That’s what I call making a difference!

With heartfelt thanks,

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Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

P.S. If you wish to make a difference right now, you can make a donation online at Thank you for making a difference for homeless animals in Kentucky!

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