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Tatum’s Road to Recovery

Little Tatum came to KHS with horrific injuries after being hit by a car. His tail was completely degloved, leaving raw tissue exposed and vulnerable to deadly infections. Without immediate treatment, his short two-year-old life would be at stake. Our vet team performed an emergency tail amputation surgery, but fear Tatum may be suffering from further injuries. They will take […]

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We have an exciting update to share about our sweet puppy Carol, who recently underwent surgery to amputate her injured front elbow. After receiving plenty of love and snuggles and getting some much-deserved rest under the nurturing care of our veterinary team, Carol has made an incredible comeback. She doesn’t even seem to realize she’s


Barlow’s Road to Recovery

Barlow, a three-year-old Standard Poodle, recently arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society in a heartbreaking condition. This sweet boy was severely matted from head to toe, causing him immense pain. Matting can also lead to serious health issues, especially for breeds like Barlow’s that need regular grooming. Our incredible vet team quickly stepped in, gently

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Abused Dog Clings to Life – Your Help is Critical

Sweet n’ Low was found abandoned in an alley, extremely pregnant and suffering with a difficult labor. The one-year-old Pocket Pittie was rushed to KHS’ Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center where 11 staff members were waiting for her arrival to perform an after-hours emergency C-section. Sweet n’ Low survived the surgery but, unfortunately,

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Puppy Arrives at KHS with Degloved Foot

Early this week, a 12-month-old puppy arrived at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center with a shocking degloving injury to her back left foot. The poor puppy, who we’ve named Bonnie, has exposed bone where a pup’s paw should be. Unsure of exactly how this gruesome injury occurred, our veterinary team leaped into

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Remembering Ali

It is with heavy hearts that we share sweet Ali, the brave puppy fighting Parvovirus and Pneumonia, took his last breaths yesterday afternoon. Despite our veterinary team’s dedicated efforts, including non-stop medical care and emergency blood transfusions from sweet Jeffurry, Ali’s tiny body could not overcome the impact of the illnesses.  We are heartbroken over

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Parvo Puppy Continues Fighting for His Life

Yesterday, our Parvo puppy’s condition drastically declined, prompting emergency measures. He broke with Pneumonia and had few white blood cells remaining to fight off the secondary infection. Our veterinary team performed an urgent blood transfusion to combat his anemia and worsening immune system. They turned to Jeffurry – a calm, loving six-year-old shelter pup. When

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